Writing Unbiased Rental Listings


When creating rental listings to advertise your vacancies, it’s crucial for you to avoid biases. As part of the Civil Rights Act, every person in the U.S. has an equal right to obtain housing regardless of his or her sex, race, religion, family status, disability, color, or country of origin. This means that you can’t angle your rental ads in attempt to attract or repel a certain type of person.

Whether it’s intentional or not, discriminatory advertising can get you into legal trouble. To protect yourself, you’ll want to avoid writing biased ads and stay in accordance with theFair Housing Act. Here are a few examples of what you cannot write in rental listings, because they could be seen as discriminatory:

Bias for or against children.

Your rental might be a great single family home that is child-friendly because there are lots of families in the neighborhood. Or you could say that your home isn’t ideal for families. Either way, communicating the ability to accommodate children demonstrates a bias in your ad.

Close to Chinese grocery store or Protestant church.

When you state your unit’s proximity to a religious group or ethnic store, it could be interpreted as a bias toward one group over another. To avoid this, you could simply state that your unit is close to stores (or grocery stores) rather than mentioning ethnicity. Don’t mention churches, temples, or religious organizations at all in your ads to avoid religious discrimination.

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