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It’s difficult to write about SEO week after week, for several different blogs. The difficult part is finding new things to write about, because after all, my belief is that most SEO is common sense. You can go to ten thousand SEO blogs and every one will certainly cover social media, good contentkeyword focus and on and on and on.

However, since I am active in the SEO community and various social networks, every once in a while I come across a website that is so desperate for improvement, I will occasionally write about what can be improved on a particular website.

By the way, if you don’t mind being embarrassed, you can contact me here and request that I write a public review of your site. And you may see it right here, next week!

However, this week, I’m going to write about a Massachusetts real estate agent that really does an excellent job marketing himself and his real estate business. The person is Bill Gassett, and he is one of the top performing agents in Massachusetts. I’ve known Bill, just through marketing channels and social networks for about 7 years.

Full Disclosure: I didn’t design Bill’s websites; I am not using him as an example of my work, but rather, just an example of a great Realtor who knows how to market himself online.

What Do The Best Real Estate Marketers Do?

Many successful people will tell you that the key to success is simply to watch what very successful people do and emulate that.Personally, I think this is excellent advice. Of course, all of us do this to some degree. Especially those of us in sales. Did you invent the idea of a newsletter to send to your clients?

No, of course not. But you know, because you watch other successful Realtors, that an email newsletter is required nowadays.

Bill is at the top of his game and I asked him if I could share some of that magic with other people. He agreed, “as long as they aren’t real estate agents in Massachusetts.” So if you are a Realtor in Massachusetts, please stop reading now.

(Just a joke folks.)

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