Real Estate Marketing: Are You Pulling or Pushing?


Do your real estate marketing efforts push or pull leads? Not sure? Perfect.Explained simply, push marketing is when you actively seek out potential tenants to educate them on your brand and units. Pull marketing, on the other hand, is when potential tenants seek you out to find a unit you manage.With rental discovery increasingly occurring online, it’s important to understand how your real estate marketing strategy is evolving to fit the growing needs of your target tenants. Both push and pull marketing have their pros and cons. Both aim to build brand awareness and grow your business. Which is best?

Push Marketing

Often termed as outbound marketing, this is the traditional style of outreach. Push marketing requires you to bring your brand to the target customers. This works in the right market, like the flyer Jamie, a senior at San Luis Obispo, picked up from a nearby apartment complex.

This strategy is great for marketing one-off events, like a showing for a unit in a complex near a college campus. The problem is that these flyers become outdated when the inventory is filled. Little to no value will be created going forward.

Pull Marketing

Pulling leads into your pipeline starts by creating interesting content and helping people come to you. The most efficient way to market yourself is through optimizing your website.

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