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Ken Pederson, branch manager and Certified Mortgage Planner Specialist (CMPS) at Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation, has posted a great article about getting your feet wet in social media, blogging and e-mail campaigns. If your not utilizing all these tools for your marketing Ken’s offering some great insight to get you started. Read on and enjoy.


What I Learned Through Social Media

Wed, 2012-11-28 11:39 — Ken Pederson

Early on, something told me I needed to move my business to the Internet. It was the mid-1990s, before the Web really took off, when many of my colleagues and I began using e-mail. Almost instantly, I saw this simple communication device as a means to connect with other professionals and get the word about my business. I started a Friday morning e-mail distribution to a group of real estate agents, writing about things that were happening in real estate and in the mortgage industry—things I thought others would want to know and to keep my name out there. For the past 15 years, I have continued to send that e-mail.

Over the years, as new opportunities appeared, this effort began to snowball. In 2004 or 2005, a buddy of mine who received my Friday newsletter suggested I should start blogging. So in 2005, I started a blog. I would write articles for my blog, but also set things up so that every Friday morning, my blog article would be sent to the same people who subscribed to my Friday e-mail. Then Facebook rolled around, and I began leveraging my blog into Facebook posts. Eventually, I started doing video and started tying in YouTube to my blog and Facebook page. When Twitter came along, bingo, I had another tool to use! So now my Friday e-mail has morphed into one message spread across multiple platforms.

I’m no Ashton Kutcher in terms of online popularity, but I do pretty well. I have 136 followers on Twitter, more than 300 fans on my Facebook Fan Page, 1,000 friends on my personal Facebook page, and more than 500 connections on LinkedIn. These connections have enabled me to educate borrowers on their mortgage options and help our real estate agent partners grow their businesses. I should mention I’ve also gotten quite a few successful leads along the way. But I’ve also learned a few things, too.

Consistent communication is key
While one might think that social media has made my life more difficult—I have all these platforms to manage—the reality is that it’s made things a lot easier. I don’t write as many blog posts as I used to, because now we’re using Facebook and video posts, too, and both are less time-consuming. What hasn’t changed is the Friday distribution. I’m probably overly religious about doing something every Friday, because my audience expects it. There are perhaps one or two weeks out of the year when I don’t do something that Friday. Otherwise, I’m very consistent with it, even if it is short.

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