Market Strong For Older Homes

Sometimes we hear in the real estate industry that buyers prefer modern homes over older ones.  The reasons seem obvious; modern layouts and styles latest technologies energy efficient less maintenance and more ... However, RealtyTrac data shows that older homes still make up the majority of homes sold.  In some markets, homes built prior to 1940 are worth more on average than newer homes as well.  In 2013, 60% of sales represented homes built before 1990. Why is that?  The … [Read more...]

Mortgage Rates Dip From Previous Week

After holding steady over the past two weeks, key mortgage rates fell amid signs of a weakening economic recovery. The drop in rates comes after averages spiked by more than a percentage point since early May, and is attributed to monthly sales growth and production output that were far less than what was forecast. The average rate on a 30-year fixed mortgage loan dropped 0.07 percentage point this week, according to the latest survey from mortgage buyer Freddie Mac. After hovering at 4.57 … [Read more...]

Considering a Reverse Mortgage? Understand all the Risks before you sign.

This is a must read article for anyone considering a reverse mortgage. While a reverse can indeed add some needed cash to your bank account the risks may eventually outweigh the benefit, especially if one doesn't understand or consider all the details. Here's an excerpt form ABC news with a link to the complete article below. Today, the government is warning: Reverse mortgages are not free money. Prescott Cole, senior staff attorney for California Advocates for Nursing Home Reform, … [Read more...]

It’s never too late to start a social marketing campaign

Ken Pederson, branch manager and Certified Mortgage Planner Specialist (CMPS) at Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation, has posted a great article about getting your feet wet in social media, blogging and e-mail campaigns. If your not utilizing all these tools for your marketing Ken's offering some great insight to get you started. Read on and enjoy.   What I Learned Through Social Media Wed, 2012-11-28 11:39 — Ken Pederson Early on, something told me I needed to move my … [Read more...]

Are Yearly Furnace Inspections Necessary?

Does Your Furnace Really Need a Yearly Inspection? DATE:NOVEMBER 7, 2012 | AUTHOR:REUBEN SALTZMAN A recent blog post about fall maintenance mentioned having your furnace inspected/tuned up by a qualified heating contractor annually. One reader sent an email asking if this was really necessary – here’s his original question: “I have a question about furnace tune-ups. You say get one every year – is that really necessary? What do the HVAC guys actually do to the furnace to ‘tune’ it up? … [Read more...]

Warren Buffett shares 5 of his top Real Estate tips

Looking for some wisdom on the best approach to owning a home? Here's a sampling of 5 real estate tips from Warren Buffett, right, the third richest human being on the planet. 1. The Basic Premise of Home Ownership -- That Homes Increase In Value Over Time -- Is Sound Last spring, the Congressional Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission called Buffett in for an interview. He was asked to explain some of his bubble-era investment decisions, as well as to give his take on what in the heck had … [Read more...]

Tara Riesterer Promoted to AVP and Branch Manager of Albany Office

It is my pleasure to announce the promotion of Tara Riesterer to the position of AVP and Branch Manager of our Albany Escrow Branch effective October 1, 2012. Tara restarted her career in 2010 with Fidelity as an Escrow Officer in Albany, and with the staff went through the upheaval and sadness of Marcy Taisey’s passing. She and Kimber then worked together as Escrow Officers in the Branch before Kimber’s ascension to our administrative team. Working closely with Jennifer, Stacey, and … [Read more...]

New home sales ease, but prices hit 5-year high

  By Reuters New U.S. single-family home sales eased in August but held near two-year highs and prices vaulted to their highest level in more than five years, adding to signs of a broadening housing market recovery. The Commerce Department said on Wednesday sales slipped 0.3 percent to a seasonally adjusted 373,000-unit annual rate. July's sales pace was revised up to a 374,000-unit pace, the highest level since April 2010, from the previously reported 372,000 … [Read more...]

Hooked on Pinning?

How Is Pinterest Panning Out for the real estate market? A look at Pinterest, the current stats, and how agents and brands are using this new social networking site as a marketing tool. AUGUST 2012 | BY STEFANIE HAHN So before we begin, know that this article will not tell you to run out and sign up for a Pinterestaccount or risk being on the losing end of this picturesque marketing tool. This article will give you an unbiased look at Pinterest, how the current statistics are panning … [Read more...]

Buying a Foreclosure? Watch Out for These 5 Landmines

AUTHOR:BRENDON DESIMONE | CATEGORY:TIPS & ADVICE  These are trying times for many homeowners. Walk away from a mortgage? Something that was unthinkable and morally offensive 10 years ago is now an option many people are choosing. Home foreclosed? Some people who’ve lost their homes to the bank are stripping the property bare, hoping to sell the appliances to recoup at least some money. As you might expect, buying a foreclosed home comes with opportunities — and certain challenges. Here … [Read more...]

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