Why Buy an Owner’s Title Insurance Policy?

Many homeowners don't know this but they too can be covered with an individual title insurance policy, not just their mortgage lender. Below is a great Q&A from the Wall Street Journal on why a homeowner might consider a separate title insurance policy. If you have any questions after the piece please ask your realtor or call our office at 503-585-7219 for assistance. Q. I'm buying a home and the lender insists that I buy a title insurance policy before it will give me the loan. Now my … [Read more...]

5 Smart Spending Tips for Spring Home Improvements

(ARA) - Spring home improvement season is on the way, and if you're like most homeowners you have a list of jobs you want to accomplish. Some will be small, economical do-it-yourself projects. Others may require the services of a professional and a greater monetary investment. However you accomplish your home improvement plans, it's important to do so as cost-effectively as possible. To make the most of your home improvement projects this spring, take these five steps: 1. Define what you … [Read more...]

Warren Buffett shares 5 of his top Real Estate tips

Looking for some wisdom on the best approach to owning a home? Here's a sampling of 5 real estate tips from Warren Buffett, right, the third richest human being on the planet. 1. The Basic Premise of Home Ownership -- That Homes Increase In Value Over Time -- Is Sound Last spring, the Congressional Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission called Buffett in for an interview. He was asked to explain some of his bubble-era investment decisions, as well as to give his take on what in the heck had … [Read more...]

Buying a Foreclosure? Watch Out for These 5 Landmines

AUTHOR:BRENDON DESIMONE | CATEGORY:TIPS & ADVICE  These are trying times for many homeowners. Walk away from a mortgage? Something that was unthinkable and morally offensive 10 years ago is now an option many people are choosing. Home foreclosed? Some people who’ve lost their homes to the bank are stripping the property bare, hoping to sell the appliances to recoup at least some money. As you might expect, buying a foreclosed home comes with opportunities — and certain challenges. Here … [Read more...]

Deciding on a Mortgage? Find out which term is best for you.

Which mortgage term is best for you? by Michele Lerner from HSH.com Once you've decided to take the plunge and switch from renter to homeowner, your first step should be to research your financing options so that you can decide which loan term best suits your needs. The Mortgage Bankers Association reported that 85 percent of purchase home loans in June 2012 were 30-year fixed-rate mortgages , popular among both first-time and repeat homebuyers. But before you jump on the 30-year … [Read more...]

4 Tips for Refinancing Your Mortgage

Interest rates are hitting new record lows, but banks are making the process difficult. Here's how you can improve your chances. By RUTH SIMON There has never been a better time to refinance your mortgage. Rates are at record lows. The government is devising new programs to help homeowners. The economy and job market are improving, albeit slowly. In theory, those factors should be producing a boom in mortgage refinancing. But locking in a deal is proving to be a challenge these days -- … [Read more...]

12 top real estate tips for 2012

By Steve McLinden • Bankrate.com To buy or sell in 2012, what with Armageddon coming and all? Absent any ancient Mayan wisdom on real estate strategies, let's just hope the real cataclysmic event in the real estate market already has passed, even if the rubble from the bubble remains. A stubborn overstock of households with loans higher than their value will continue to restrain prices and create some major obstacles for sellers in 2012, a year that's shaping up to be another homebuyer's … [Read more...]

Getting Ready For Your Final Walk-Through

5 Tips for the Final Walk-Through DATE:JULY 26, 2012 | AUTHOR:BRENDON DESIMONE    You’ve found the home you love, made the offer, and the seller has accepted. You’ve gotten yourinspections done, your loan is being finalized and an escrow closing date has been set. Great. But you’re not quite finished yet. Your next step is a final walk-through, arranged through your real estate agent, at least a week before closing. The goal: Ensure the property’s condition hasn’t … [Read more...]

Understanding Your HOA Documents

What to Review in HOA Documents When Buying DATE:JULY 25, 2012 | AUTHOR:LEONARD BARON When you buy a property in a common interest development — an HOA — you are not just buying your particular unit. You also are buying into a larger entity that typically owns the building structure, the roof, the parking garage, the clubhouse, the pools, etc. As with any real estate purchase, there are many issues and risks, but when you are buying into an HOA-governed community, you add on a whole … [Read more...]

How to Prepare for the Big Move This Summer

DATE:JULY 9, 2012 | AUTHOR:SPAREFOOT |   Moving can be stressful, especially if you wait until the last minute to plan. It’s important to hire professional movers or enlist the help of your family and friends well ahead of time. By using a self-storage finder, you can locate a reliable and affordable self-storage facility in your area. Again, to reiterate, it’s important to do all these things well in advance. Be sure to check the weather forecast for your move-in day. … [Read more...]

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