Tips for Staging Kitchens and Bathrooms When Selling

Curb appeal may bring potential buyers to the door, but it’s the living spaces inside that sell the home. Many sellers focus on making sure that the living room and den are clean and inviting, but don’t forget kitchens and bathrooms, two areas where remodeling is often expensive. For buyers, a clean, modern, well-laid-out kitchen is a major feature. Bathrooms are also a consideration, because they contribute to overall happiness in living in the home. 1. Clean it once. Then clean it … [Read more...]

How to Get the Most Value From Your Home Inspection

Once an offer on a property is accepted, most buyers hire a professional home inspector to assess the condition of the home. The inspector will write a detailed report for the buyer to use in deciding how to proceed with the purchase. Should the buyer cancel the contract and terminate the purchase; ask for the seller to complete repairs; or request a price reduction or purchase credit from the seller to cover repairs? Unfortunately, many buyers fail to realize the importance of the home … [Read more...]

How to Avoid Seller’s Remorse in Real Estate

AUTHOR:BRENDON DESIMONE In many real estate markets around the country, sellers are in the driver’s seat again. Inventory is low. Houses are often selling for more than asking price. After years of a sluggish buyers’ market, many real estate agents are trying to get their would-be sellers to list their homes now. It seems like a great time to sell. But how can you know for sure if it’s a great time for you to sell? If you experience buyer’s remorse, you can usually get out of a … [Read more...]

8 Things That Can Lower Your Home Value

When getting ready to sell consider these 8 things that might lower your value. 1: Poor Garage Space Having no garage, or a tiny one-car garage, is a big negative in the home market. Most people want the storage space a garage provides. No garage means the car sits naked in the driveway open to the elements. Many modern families have two working adults and thus two cars, so a single-car garage is inconvenient. 2: A Pool A pool might not automatically decrease the value of your home. On … [Read more...]

Navigating a Final Walkthrough on Your New Home

Before you buy paint and order new furniture there's one more step that shouldn't be overlooked: the final walkthrough of your new home. This is the last chance before closing to make sure everything is working properly, there aren't any imperfections in the finishes, and the house is move-in ready. Our friends at Allstate put together this great piece on how to navigate your walkthrough, what to look for and how to take action on any repairs. A final walkthrough can not only help you … [Read more...]

Avoid These Costly Remodeling Mistakes

Thinking about a remodel before you sell or planning a major upgrade? Consider these costly mistakes that many homeowners make when planning a remodeling project.   AUTHOR:VERA GIBBONS for Zillow While many Americans are ready to take on remodeling/renovation projects this spring, doing it the wrong way can be costly. Some errors to avoid: Not knowing exactly what you want If you don’t know exactly what you want or specify what you want, you’re going to get what the … [Read more...]

6 Tips For a Spring Lawn Makeover

Spring is here and the forecast calls for some sunny days and longer nights. It's time to break out the honey-do list you've been preparing all winter long and tackle some of those outside home projects. Here's a great list to get you started from The Home Depot and Yahoo. Step 1. Boost overall soil health. Spring is an excellent time to check soil health. If your lawn is compacted, aerating it will help. The holes created by the aerator allow air and water to reach roots and fertilizers to … [Read more...]

Why Buy an Owner’s Title Insurance Policy?

Many homeowners don't know this but they too can be covered with an individual title insurance policy, not just their mortgage lender. Below is a great Q&A from the Wall Street Journal on why a homeowner might consider a separate title insurance policy. If you have any questions after the piece please ask your realtor or call our office at 503-585-7219 for assistance. Q. I'm buying a home and the lender insists that I buy a title insurance policy before it will give me the loan. Now my … [Read more...]

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